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My Photography Journey

“A photographer gets people to pose for him. A yoga instructor gets people to pose for themselves.” - T. Guillemets- Dalai Lama XIV 

My Story

My path to becoming a photographer was self-forged, driven by a passion for creative arts and attention to detail. My own camera shyness fuels my determination to make others feel at ease. Guiding subjects with empathy, I create an atmosphere of comfort, allowing genuine emotions to emerge.

As an autodidact, I was guided by my fascination with the interplay of light and shadow. As I delved further into this artistic realm, two distinct niches emerged as my true calling: real estate photography and yoga photography. 

I ventured into real estate photography, capturing the essence of properties with artful precision. I have a keen eye for architectural details and a desire to showcase spaces in their most captivating light. Through tireless experimentation, I honed the skill of bringing out the essence of each property.

Simultaneously, my passion for yoga led me to specialize in yoga photography, where I encapsulate the harmony of movement and tranquility. Fueled by this passion my photography reflects a profound understanding of the practice. I capture the essence of each pose, revealing its grace and serenity.

My journey is one of relentless curiosity, creative exploration, and an unyielding commitment to capturing life's moments with authenticity and artistry.

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